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Sound Bath (60mins)

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Plant Medicine Work (email for consultation)

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Oakhenge Houses of Healing is a holistic wellness center offering a range of services to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Our team of certified practitioners includes expert-level sound healers, Reiki masters, and Master Herbalists who provide personalized healing sessions to clients. Our services include sound healing, Reiki, herbal consultations, and workshops on various wellness topics such as meditation, stress management, and self-care practices. We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for all individuals and prioritize the lifelong practice of cultural safety and humility. At Oakhenge, we believe that every individual has the ability to heal themselves, and we strive to provide the tools and support needed to facilitate that healing process.

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At Oakhenge Houses of Healing, our healers are experienced professionals with extensive training in various modalities such as Reiki, sound healing, plant medicine facilitation, and herbalism. Our team is committed to providing safe and effective healing services to our clients in a compassionate and non-judgmental manner. We believe in a holistic approach to healing that encompasses the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our clients. Our healers have a deep respect for the natural world and incorporate its wisdom into their practices. We strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our clients to facilitate their healing journey.

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We are sound healers, herbalists, reiki masters and plant medicine helpers serving the Kitchener Waterloo Area.

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About Us

Oakhenge Houses of Healing

Oakhenge Houses of Healing is a holistic healing centre located in Cambridge Ontario. Our mission is to provide natural and alternative therapies to help clients achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Our experienced team of sound healers, reiki masters, and herbalists are committed to cultural safety and lifelong practice of humility, in addition to providing personalised services and exceptional customer care.
We understand that cultural safety and humility are crucial elements of providing effective holistic healing services. As such, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients feel respected, heard, and valued regardless of their background, culture, or beliefs. We strive to create a safe and inclusive space where clients can feel comfortable sharing their experiences and receiving the care they need to achieve optimal health.
In addition to our commitment to cultural safety and humility, we offer a range of services, including sound healing, reiki, and herbal consultations, to help our clients achieve balance and harmony in their lives. We believe in taking a holistic approach to healing, addressing the root cause of our clients' ailments rather than just treating the symptoms.
We also offer workshops and events to educate and empower our clients to take control of their health and well-being. Our centre features a retail space where clients can purchase herbal remedies, teas, and essential oils to continue their healing journey at home.
We are dedicated to building strong relationships with our clients and the broader community. We offer referral discounts to encourage our clients to share their positive experiences with their friends and family. We also partner with other local businesses in the wellness industry to expand our reach and offer new services to our clients.
At Oakhenge Houses of Healing, we are committed to providing effective holistic healing services while ensuring cultural safety and practising humility. We believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy and fulfilling life, and we are here to support our clients on their healing journey.

Honour and Respect

Land Acknowledgement

We honour and respect the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe peoples, who for thousands of years have lived in harmony with this land, its waters, and its creatures.

Their deep connection to this place has been passed down through generations, and their wisdom and knowledge has enriched this land and its inhabitants. We stand in awe of their resilience, strength, and enduring presence in the face of adversity.

We recognize that the history of colonization and its ongoing legacy have caused immeasurable harm to Indigenous peoples across this land. We acknowledge the pain and suffering that has been inflicted upon them, and we commit to doing our part to redress the wrongs of the past.

Today, we come together in a spirit of compassion, empathy, and solidarity, to learn from and work alongside the Indigenous communities in our area. Let us honour their traditions, their culture, and their language, and let us strive to build a future based on mutual respect, understanding, and equality.

May this land and its original inhabitants be forever held in our hearts and minds, as we seek to create a better world for all.