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In Celtic, Druidic, and Shamanic traditions, sound has been used as a tool for communication with the spiritual realm. The Druids and Shamans used singing, drumming, chanting, and other forms of music to create a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. They believed that the spirits, whether they be angels, ancestors, or faeries, communicated through sound, and that by listening carefully, they could receive messages and guidance from these otherworldly beings. In addition to the sounds made by these spirits, the underlying sound of creation itself, represented by the Awen’s three-fold “Ahhh-oooo-ennn,” is believed to have a profound influence on the universe. This sound is thought to have been present at the moment of creation, and is said to have the power to shape and transform reality. The concept of the string in string theory vibrating at different frequencies can also be seen as a reflection of this idea. Just as the Awen represents the underlying sound of creation, the vibrations of the string are believed to be the fundamental building blocks of the universe. The different frequencies of these vibrations give rise to the various particles and forces that make up our world. By using sound to create liminal spaces between the physical and spiritual realms, we can connect with these underlying vibrations and the spirits that communicate through them. Whether it be through the singing of the spirits, the music of the Druids and Shamans, or the sounds of nature, the power of sound to connect us to the spiritual realm is a fundamental aspect of these traditions.

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