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Sitting in the power is a term commonly used in spiritualist circles to describe a meditative practice where one focuses on connecting with the spirit world and allowing spirit to work through them. It is a form of mediumship development and a way to deepen one’s spiritual connection.

To me, sitting in the power is a sacred and powerful practice that allows me to connect with my own spirit and the spirit world around me. It is a time where I can set aside my daily worries and distractions and focus solely on my inner being.

When I sit in the power, I begin by finding a quiet and comfortable space where I will not be disturbed. I take a few deep breaths to center myself and clear my mind of any thoughts or distractions.

Next, I focus on connecting with my own spirit, feeling the energy within me and allowing it to expand and fill the space around me. I visualize a bright light within my heart center, radiating outward and enveloping me in a warm, protective glow.

As I continue to sit in the power, I allow myself to become open and receptive to any messages or guidance from the spirit world. I may receive impressions, images, or feelings that help me gain insight and understanding about my life or the world around me.

During this time, I also focus on sending out positive energy and love to those in need. I may send healing energy to friends or family members who are going through a difficult time, or to the world at large, to help promote peace and harmony.

Sitting in the power is a practice that requires patience, dedication, and a willingness to let go and surrender to the flow of spirit. It can be a deeply transformative and healing practice that helps us to connect with our higher selves and the divine wisdom within us.

Sitting in the power is a powerful and transformative practice that has the potential to deepen our connection to spirit and promote personal growth and healing. It is a sacred time where we can set aside our daily worries and distractions and focus solely on our spiritual journey.

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